MiO Originals

MiO Liquid
With a myriad of flavors, MiO originals provides all the great taste without the calories or sugars.
MiO Originals

MiO Energy

MiO Energy
The same great flavors of MiO infused with the potent energy of B vitamins whenever and wherever you need it.
MiO Energy

MiO Fit

MiO Fit
MiO Fit combines the flavor of MiO Originals, the B vitamins of MiO Energy with essential electrolytes to replenish.
MiO Fit

MiOFit Reviews

Eye of the Squirter Commercial

Clearly, it’s as easy as a quick SQUIRT and you’ve got a delicious sports drink.

Steve Angello vs. Wayne & Woods: I/O Teaser

Help Steve Angello capture the night and get to his show in Vegas in his first interactive music video for Steve Angello vs. Wayne & Woods: I/O. Start now at MiONights.com.

EXTENDED VERSION – MiO Fit 2013 Game Day Ad – ‘ANTHEM’

There’s even more change in the extended and uncensored version of MiO Fit’s big game spot. What other stuff should we change, America? #ChangeStuff


What would you change, America? Your tweet could be the spark of another change! Get after it at ChangeStuffMiO.com

MiO Fit 2013 Game Day Ad – ‘ANTHEM’

America was built on change. We changed TV to reality TV. Blankets didn’t have sleeves, we changed that too. And MiO Fit changed water into a sports drink. What else should we change, America? Tell us at www.ChangeStuffMiO.com or at

MiO Fit 2013 Game Day Ad – ‘ANTHEM’

Change your drink! Your flavor.  Your water bottle.  Your sports drink.

Let’s Change Stuff Mio Video

Don’t be shy.  Twitter your next idea. I would like pink bubble gum flavored Mio next please! Nom Nom Nom

MiO Fit 2013 Big-Game Ad Teaser – ‘WHISTLE’

Here’s something to wet your whistle, America. Mio Fit is changing water into a sports drink. Yup, a sports drink! What else should we change? #changestuff

MiO Fit 2013 Big-Game Ad Teaser – ‘BLEEP’

Can our famous spokescelebrity say *#&^%$* on TV? We’re not sure, but we know you can change water into a sports drink with electrolytes and zero calories. All you need is MiO Fit. Change is Coming 2.03.13

Squirt Some

  Well done!  Love to see people getting creative and pumped about these new liquid flavors that turn our water drinking sessions into FUN!    

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